Recovery Support Services

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

Mission Statement

As professionals, our mission is to collaborate with staff, families and consumers to promote recovery-focused, wellness-based, trauma-informed services that will enhance personal recovery. Through sharing our individual journeys of living with mental illnesses, we hope to improve, impact and change lives for the better.

In our work, we serve to:

  • Be living examples of recovery
  • Promote recovery-oriented systems
  • Provide current recovery-based training and education
  • Develop and provide supportive services
  • Ensure consumer involvement and empowerment
  • Identify and disseminate current, recovery-based resources and information

... for consumers and providers of mental health services.


As members of the Division of Mental Health, Recovery Services Development Group (RSDG), and serving as Recovery Support Specialists within the public mental health system, we value:

  1. Personal Wellness: The specific intention of each professional to prioritize his/her own personal wellness by utilizing proactive life planning, including identifying and responding to personal stressors and indicators.
  2. Recovery Education: The active and ongoing pursuit of current, recovery-based knowledge, skills, and abilities. Application and dissemination of this knowledge in order to further the development of recovery-oriented systems is essential.
  3. Collaboration: The deliberate process of communication and cooperation among individuals and organizations, in an atmosphere of support and respect, to work together to solve common problems.

Information on Resiliency & Recovery

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Levels of WRAP Education