Employee Assistance Program - DHS 4153

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

State of Illinois
Department of Human Services


The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) provides an opportunity for employees to get the confidential assistance they need to resolve personal issues as soon as possible to prevent a decline in job performance. This program is voluntary.

This program connects individuals to referral services when dealing with issues such as:

  • Substance abuse
  • Martial/relational issues
  • Parenting/family concerns
  • Grief and loss
  • Psychological or emotional issues
  • Physical illness
  • Domestic violence
  • Legal
  • Financial matters
  • Gambling

Additional Services

Additional services include assistance for workplace conflicts, critical incident stress debriefings after traumatic incidents in the workplace, Grief Support Group after death of a co-worker and Fitness for Duty evaluations.

Contacting the EAP

Employees may contact the EAP on their own. In addition, a referral from a supervisor or co-worker can inform an employee of the EAP.

Any Referral Coordinator (RC) on the list can be contacted or call the Bureau of Training and Support Services at 217-524-6999. A list of RCs is available on IDHS' OneNet and any RC on the list may be contacted for assistance.

EAP?Referral Coordinators

The IDHS Employee Assistance Program is a peer-to-peer program facilitated by employees statewide who volunteer to serve as a Referral Coordinator. They do not provide counseling but connect employees to appropriate resources.


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of the EAP. All information will be kept strictly confidential to the extent provided for by law and will not be noted in any official personnel file or evaluation. Information from the EAP may be disclosed only with the written permission of the employee, in response to state or federal statute/regulation, written EAP policy or a court or other legal order.


With prior supervisory approval, an employee may use agency time to meet with an EAP Referral Coordinator or Personal Support Program (PSP) counselor. In addition, time will be given for the initial visit to a referral source for either the employee or a covered dependent.

Personal Support Program

Personal Support Program is available to all AFSCME-covered employees. The program offers short-term counseling free of charge or can make outside referrals as needed.

1-800-647-8776 (Voice)

Magellan EAP

The Magellan EAP is available for all employees not covered by the Personal Support Program. The Magellan EAP offers short-term counseling (1-3 visits) free of charge.

1-866-659-3848 (Voice)

EAP is always recruiting additional Referral Coordinators.

More information may be obtained by calling the EAP at:

1-217-524-6999 (Voice)

EAP.... because we all could use someone to talk to once in awhile.

Programs, activities and employment opportunities in the Illinois Department of Human Services are open and accessible to any individual or group without regard to age, sex, race, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic origin or religion. The department is an equal opportunity employer and practices affirmative action and reasonable accommodation programs.

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