Brian Bond, Acting Bureau Manager

I. Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate the distribution and monitoring of the Consolidated Financial Report (CFR) for DHS.
  2. Compile all Federal Funds information derived from CARS and report Federal Funds received by community providers annually and as requested.
  3. Provide responses to Community Providers and their auditors related to DHS funding confirmation requests.
  4. Prepare management reports on contracts and obligations from available databases including data warehouses (CARS, SAMS).
  5. Perform desk reviews of the audit/financial reports submitted by DHS-funded Community Services Providers. Authority for this function resides, and is in accordance with 89 Ill Admin Code 507
  6. Analyze audit/financial reports for compliance with applicable federal, state and DHS financial reporting requirements.
  7. Conduct on-site Fiscal/Administrative reviews of DHS-funded Community Services Providers, focusing on applicable federal, state, and DHS fiscal and compliance requirements. (DHS Requirements are found in 89 Ill Admin Code 509)
  8. Coordinate fiscal and administrative reviews with program reviews completed by program offices.
  9. Prepare and monitor corrective action plans developed through on-site visits and desk reviews.

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