Consumer Focus Group

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

Throughout the System Restructuring Initiative, the Department of Human Services/Division of Mental Health (DHS/DMH) has sought to encourage and support participation and input from individuals receiving services (consumers) and families of children and adolescents receiving services (families).

This has included:

  • outreach and participation of consumers and families for all committees and workgroups,
  • financial support for consumer and family time and travel related to the effort,
  • and other consumer outreach efforts.

Recognizing that even best efforts for inclusion of consumers in scheduled meetings were only reaching a relatively small segment of the overall consumer pool, the Services Work Group of the System Restructuring Initiative recommended that consumer focus groups be held state-wide to assist in identifying priorities and service preferences.

As a result, the Summary of Consumer Focus Groups (pdf) report summarizes the process, key findings, and potential impacts of the voices heard in these focus groups.