Mental Health Services

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Division of Mental Health (DMH) funded agencies provide mental health services to adults and children who are diagnosed with a mental illness or emotional disturbance and an impaired level of functioning based on a mental health assessment. Services are designed to restore, manage, and rehabilitate an individual's mental condition. Services are focused on recovery and assisting individuals to participate fully in the community.

Most services for treatment and support are provided through the Division and its many partners in community locations. Mental health services are available through community mental health centers (CMHC), community hospitals with psychiatric units, and state-operated hospitals.

Need Services?

Emergency Mental Health Services

If you or someone you are concerned about are at risk of harm to yourself, others, or property you may exercise either of the following options:

  • Call 911 (Police and fire department personnel are trained responders to situations involving mental health issues.)
  • Go to the Emergency room at a local area hospital.
  • Contact an Emergency Mental Health Service Provider.

Non-Emergency Mental Health Services

What to Expect When Receiving Services

Individual situations will vary, but the process a person follows when seeking mental health services through a CMHC is fundamentally the same throughout the state. It begins with a meeting with a mental health professional who conducts a mental health assessment. The assessment is typically followed by development of an Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) that outlines the mental health services to be provided, the reasons why, and how long the plan of treatment should take. The services offered, their level of intensity, and their duration depend on the severity of a person's condition.  Read the following for more information on Types of Mental Health Treatments.

Cost of Mental Health Treatment

The cost of mental health treatment at CMHCs is based on the individual's or family's available income and medical resources (which includes Medicaid and Medicare).  Most CMHCs apply a sliding fee scale based on the individual's or family's income to the costs of mental health treatment.

Health Insurance Coverage Parity Program:

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