For RRA (Category 00 and 90) cases and SNAP Only (Category 08) cases, enter a dash in both the S and the O fields.

For AABD (Categories 01, 02, 03, 91, 92, and 93) cases, TANF (Categories 04, 06, P4, P6, 94, and 96) cases, text deletedP3-TA (Chicago) cases, and P3-MA (Other Than Chicago) cases, enter the code that identifies public assistance received by a spouse of the payee in the S field or received by another relative in the unit in the O field. Do not report assistance received by non-relatives.

When 3 or more persons receive public assistance, code for the spouse first and then for the person who has received assistance for the longest period.

AABD(A) Cash (Category 01) 1
AABD(B) Cash (Category 02) 2
AABD(D) Cash (Category 03) 3
TANF Cash (Categories 04, 06, P4, and P6) 4
text deleted
P3-TA (Chicago) (Category P3) 7
P3-MA (Other than Chicago) (Category P3) 9
Medical (91, 92, 93, 94, and 96) 9
QMB Only, SLIB Only, QI-1 Only (91, 92, and 93) 9