D-U-N-S Number:Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number

Electronic Government or eGovernment is one of the Presidential Management Initiatives. The United States government is moving toward providing the public the ability to conduct all business with the government electronically. Effective October 1, 2003, all Federal grant applicants must obtain a DUNS number, (nine-character identification number provided by the commercial company Dun & Bradstreet).

The Federal government will use the DUNS number to better identify related organizations that are receiving funding under grants and cooperative agreements and to provide consistent name and address data for electronic grant applications.

There is no charge to obtain a DUNS number, and it is the applicant's responsibility to obtain one. Applicants are encouraged to apply for a DUNS number well in advance of the application period because it may take 2 to 3 weeks or more to obtain the number online. It is recommended that applicants request a DUNS number by calling 1-866-705-5711 and indicate that you are a Federal grant applicant/prospective applicant.

Be advised that the DUNS number is required for all Federal grant applications, and there may not be any extensions granted for applicants who were unable to obtain their number prior to the end of the application period.

Additional information about DUNS numbers can be found on the Dun & Bradstreet Web site - www.dnb.com/US/duns_update/index.html

(Source: DHS Program Guidance, 2004)