WAG 22-01-01-d

Customers request replacement cards through the Illinois Link Help Line at 1-800-678-LINK (5465) revised textor the Link Card website at www.Link.Illinois.gov. revised textCustomers calling the help line or accessing the website need to enter;

  • the social security number on the Link account,
  • date of birth, and
  • the Link card number (printed on card) or their Personal Identification Number (PIN). 

Customers  ordering a replacement card from the Link Help Line must know their PIN.

Customers who never received a card or set up their PIN will not be able to replace their card through the Help Line or website . 

NOTE: If the account contains a security password, then the password must be verified before a replacement card can be issued. 

In rare instances an FCRC may issue a replacement card, for example:

  • revised textCustomers who never received a card or set up their PIN;
  • Homeless clients using the Family Community Resource Center address; or
  • Residents of SLF, CILA, or Drug/Alcohol facilities; or
  • Cases with an approved representative; or
  • Cases with no SSN; or
  • The customer's Link card is destroyed in a disaster, such as a fire; or
  • The customer has a language barrier, is elderly or is unable to use the phone system or Internet new text with permission of the LOA.

Staff should stress that customers need to request their replacement card as soon as they know that it has been lost, stolen, or damaged, and not wait until they need to use the card.  Do not continue to replace cards at the Family Community Resource Center except in the above instances, or with the approval of the LOA.