WAG 19-02-06-d.

Cooperation with the RSP is an eligibility requirement for TANF cases which contain an adult. It is NOT an eligibility requirement for medical assistance, SNAP, AABDtext deletedor TANF child-only cases.

SWAP an active TANF case to Medical if a client refuses to cooperate in any aspect of the RSP process. Refusal to cooperate means there has been a direct stated refusal to cooperate with the RSP. Noncooperation with the RSP without a direct stated refusal is failure to cooperate.

Schedule a reconciliation meeting when an active TANF client fails without good cause to:

  • appear for a scheduled appointment to discuss/revise the RSP or
  • follow through with the requirements of the RSP.

Sanction the client if they fail without good cause to:

  • appear for the scheduled reconciliation appointment or
  • complete the agreement decided upon at reconciliation.

Be sure to determine at the reconciliation interview if good cause for failure to cooperate existed at the time the client failed to cooperate. If good cause did not exist, the client may sign an agreement for reconciliation. If the client completes the agreement, do not sanction.

If a TANF client fails or refuses to cooperate with the requirements of Work First, SWAP the case to Medical.

If a teen parent in a 3-generation household refuses or fails to cooperate without good cause, the entire case is subject to cancellation or sanction. The entire case is affected even if the payee is cooperating.

Additional policy and procedures concerning failure or refusal to comply with activity requirements are contained in PM 03-13-00 and WAG 03-13-00 .