The following activities, or combination of activities, count for federal participation requirements for TANF 04 and TANF 06 cases:

  • employment (also includes self-employment, work-study, VISTA, and Job Corps);
  • community service;
  • job search and job readiness for up to 6 weeks in a 12-month period - no more than 4 weeks may be consecutive;
  • vocational education training, not to exceed 12 months for an individual;
  • provision of child care services to a person who is participating in a community service program; and
  • Teen Parent programs

TANF clients engaged in one of the activities listed for 20 hours per week (30 hours for TANF 06) may also participate in one of the following activities to bring them up to the required number of hours:

  • job skills training directly related to employment;
  • education directly related to employment if a client doesn't have a GED or high school diploma; or
  • satisfactory attendance at a secondary school that leads to a GED or high school diploma.

The Department must meet federal requirements for the number of hours per week and the percent of families in countable work activities. The amount of hours per week and the percents are:

1998 20 hours per week 30% of the families
1999 25 hours per week 35% of the families
2000 30 hours per week 40% of the families
2001 30 hours per week 45% of the families
2002 30 hours per week 50% of the families

The federal requirements for 2-parent families are:

1998 35 hours per week 75% of the families
1999 on 35 hours per week 90% of the families