WAG 06-01-08

Revised textIncome policy (see PM 08-01-00) applies to RRP Cash, and to RRP Medical (with exceptions noted below). Sponsors of Noncitizens liability policy does not apply to RRP Cash or RRP Medical.

RRP Cash benefits start with the date of application.

TANF budgeting policy applies to RRP Cash cases. Allow the Revised Text3/4 earned income disregard when budgeting earned income for active cases (see PM 10-02-00 for TANF earned income budgeting). Change the case to Earned Income REDE Status; see PM 19-07-00.

For RRP Medical cases, use FamilyCare/All Kids Assist budgeting policy (see PM 15), except as follows. Determine initial eligibility for Category 90 based on countable income on the date of application, projected for the next 30 days. Do not consider increases that may occur during application processing. If the customer becomes employed after the date of application, the employment earnings do not count for any month of the RRP Medical eligibility period.

Do not consider any public or private cash assistance payments that a refugee receives in determining eligibility for RRP Medical. This applies to cash assistance payments from DHS, the U.S. Department of State's Reception and Placement program, the Matching Grant program, and any other program administered by a public or private agency.