PM 02-07-02

New textSee policy memorandum dated 10/03/13 Verifications for Medical Programs.

New textSee Medical Morsel dated 04/01/14 Electronic Verifications for Medical Programs.

(FCRC) Make all requests for verification/information for clients who apply for AABD, SNAP, or TANF on Form 267, Form 267D or new textForm 267 LTC. For Family Assist, Moms and Babies, and All Kids/FamilyCare Assist, make all requests on Form 267E or Form 267F. For Medical Benefits, requests for Forms A-H (attachments to HFS 2378H), when they pertain to a mailed in application, should be sent on Form 267 accompanied by the needed form.

Specify the last day on which the verifications are due on the Form 267. The last day must always be a workday.

Complete Form 267 in duplicate. Give the original to the applicant and place the copy in the case record.

At the eligibility interview, if verifications are missing, give the client a 2nd Form 267, indicating all the items which are still needed. Allow the applicant an additional 10 calendar days to provide the requested verification.

When there is no eligibility interview because the person is applying only for medical and the FCRC is unable to process the application without contacting the client, send the applicant Form 267. Ask the applicant to contact the FCRC within 10 calendar days. If the client does not contact the FCRC within 10 days, deny the application with TAR 03. If the client contacts the FCRC and more verifications are required, send a 2nd Form 267. Allow an additional 10 calendar days to provide the requested verifications.

Use Form 267D to tell the person applying for AABD(D) Medical for a child, that information is requested when the absent parent is not a legal parent.

Do not deny the application for a child when a person does not give the information requested on Form 267D.

Acceptable verifications include copies of documents and faxed documents unless there is evidence the copy or original has been changed. If there is evidence, request other verification.

Give more time to get needed verification based on who has the verification needed.

new textFor Nursing Facility (NF), Supported Living Program (SLP) and Department on Aging (DoA) Community Care Program (CCP) Applicants and Clients

For persons residing in a facility, always send a copy of HFS 267LTC to the facility.

The nursing facility or supported living program facility does not need to be authorized as an approved representative to receive a copy of the 267LTC.

When the person requests more time to obtain requested verifications, new textgrant a 30 day extension. A second 30 day extension may be granted, upon request, if needed.

Whenever an extension is granted send HFS 267LTC to the applicant/client and a copy to the facility where the person lives, if applicable.

Accept request for an extension from the following persons:

person requesting Long Term Supports and Services (LTSS), or

their spouse, or

their authorized representative, or

the facility where they live.

Document that an extension was granted and update the Verification Checklist in the Integrated Eligibility System (IES).

Do not send HFS 1952, Notice of Extension of Time Limitation for Disposition of Application and do not require proof that verification has been requested from a third party.

new text Simplified Processing for Determining Income and Resource Eligibility for Medical Benefits

Accept receipt of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) as verification of financial eligibility for both income and resources for individuals who are receiving SSI.

Accept receipt of SSI as verification of financial eligibility for individuals who were receiving SSI when they were admitted to a nursing facility.

Accept the individual's current written statement declaring that their resources are below the resource standard for the program, unless questionable, when their verified income is at or below 100% Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

Accept information reported on an application or on a redetermination form as a current written statement of resources.

Require a current written statement of resources when a change is reported that could affect financial eligibility.

Use HFS 2378DR when a change is reported and a current written statement of resources is required.

Verify resource transfers for all individuals applying for or receiving Long Term Supports and Services (LTSS).