Effective Date: 01/01/00; 07/01/15
Reference: 89 Ill. Adm. Code, Chapter IV, §50.110

Policy Statement:

Participants have the following rights and responsibilities:

  1. A.  Persons receiving child care services can request hearings, as provided at 89 Ill. Adm. Code 104, Subpart A, as appropriate, on issues concerning the appropriateness of, denial of, prompt issuance of, or intended actions to discontinue, terminate, suspend, or reduce child care assistance under this Part.
    B. Assistance under this Part will not be continued at the previous level pending a hearing.
  2. Child care services received by a family must be reasonably related to the hours of training or employment including the transportation needs of the family.
  3. Parents may choose their child care arrangements, but payments will be subject to all appropriate rules.
  4. Parents are responsible for providing income verification and all other information required by the Department in order to determine eligibility for child care services.
  5. Parents are responsible for reporting to the Department or its agents all changes in income, employment, family size, number of children receiving care, or any other factor that would affect eligibility for child care services. The Department or its agents may schedule a redetermination at any time upon receiving information that could affect eligibility for child care services.
  6. Parents must avail themselves of all other available child care services including child care appropriate and available from the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) offered to particular categories of care givers, such as foster parents, who are employed and need child care to be foster parents.
  7. As a condition of CCAP eligibility, within six months of initial child care assistance eligibility, an eligible family with an absent parent must open an active collection case with the Division of Child Support Services at the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS). A case must be opened against the absent parent of every child within the family's household.

Procedure - Child Support Services Cooperation

  1. To fulfill this requirement, CCAP eligible clients must submit evidence demonstrating compliance with the Division of Child Support Services for continued eligibility. New applications (including those for families that have been inactive on CCAP for 30 days or more) must be in full cooperation with child support within 6 months of the child care approval date. Clients being redetermined that have not already shown child support cooperation must provide documentation within 6 months of the redetermination approval date.  A child Support case against each absent parent for all children in the family household, including the child(ren) for which child care assistance has been requested, and all children in the household required to be counted in the family size. If a minor child has an absent or non-custodial parent, the biological or adoptive parent, or other individual who lives with the child and exercises parental control, must cooperate in establishing paternity for the child and obtaining child support.
  2. CCAP clients receiving voluntary child support directly from an absent parent, is not considered satisfactory verification of cooperation with the Division of Child Support Services
  3. Documentation to support continued eligibility must include written verification of cooperation such as, but is not limited to:
    1. Documentation to establish paternity;
    2. Documentation to enforce and/or modify existing child support obligations
    3. Documentation source should be received from either the:
      1. Department of Human Services (DHS) FCRC Form (t/b/d) for clients receiving TANF, SNAP or Medical, or
      2. Department of HFS Child Support Services for clients (Form t/b/d) that do not receive services from DHS
    4. It is the responsibility of each client to retain or otherwise produce evidence of such compliance
    5. Where possible Staff may verify compliance through electronic verification from existing State Databases (IES, KIDS, ACID Screen 2)
    6. When a Parent or individual is not able to verify compliance with Child Support Services, or fails to cooperate in establishing paternity and obtaining support, the family is not eligible to participate in the Child Care Assistance Program. The client's case should be cancelled using reason code #XX
      "You have not established Child Support collection cases for all children within your household. This is a requirement of the Child Care Assistance Program. If you are able to verify you have cooperated with Child Support Services. Please send documentation to the Child Care Resource and Referral agency or Site Administered Child Care provider. Child care assistance payments will not be made for any month not approved."
    7. Exemptions From Cooperation Requirement: The cooperation requirement will be waived for a(ny) child(ren) where good cause exists. No further action will be taken to establish paternity or obtain support for the identified child(ren). Clients should submit documentation from the Departments of Healthcare and Family Services, or Human Services verifying an exemption for good cause.
      1. ACID Screen 3, Item 63 - Status of Parent, is used to identify the status of the parents for every child in the case for child(ren) receiving TANF, SNAP, or Medical benefits. Child(ren) coded 26 for any parent not living in the household are determined exempt from custodial parent cooperation, and should be considered verified. A screen print and case note should be included in client's record to document exemption. 
        In the Integrated Eligibility System (IES) verify the message in the Non-Cooperation Indicator field in the KIDS Details Page of the Clearance Results.
      2. If good cause does not exist the parent must be notified that s/he is not eligible to receive the Child Care Assistance Program until child support cooperation has been obtained. Use cancellation code #XX.