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The Ford Foundation and the organizations they support seek to reduce poverty and injustice, promote democratic values, increase international cooperation, and advance human achievement.  This work rests on their shared commitment to engagement with diverse peoples, to non-violence, and to the rule of law.  Ford's grantmaking reflects these values, including when they support people struggling for freedom against harsh repression or other difficult circumstances.  They believe this is what the public expects and has a right to expect from a philanthropic and charitable organization. The Ford Foundation added text to their standard letter in January 2004 that all grantees worldwide must sign to receive funds, stating that grantees will not use Ford or other resources to promote or engage in violence, terrorism, bigotry or the destruction of any state.

Eligible Applicants:

While the grantmaking guidelines do not stipulate a grantee, it can not be a state agency, it appears that this funding opportunity is best geared to a non-profit agency.  Some individuals may be awarded grants as well.

Funding Amount:

None Specified




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