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  • Effective with the date of this release, the Day Care Meal Standard amounts that a self-employed day care provider may choose to use as a business expense for SNAP are: Breakfast - $1.27; Lunch or Supper - $2.38; Snack - $0.71.

A SNAP unit with self-employment income from day care may choose to use either the actual documented costs of meals or the Day Care Meal Standard as a business expense. If the customer chooses to use actual documented costs, the expense allowed may exceed the Day Care Meal Standard amounts. If the standard is used, no more than 2 meals and one snack provided daily to each child may be allowed.

Meal Amount
Breakfast $1.27
Lunch or Supper $2.38
Snack $0.71

Example: Ms. M babysits for one child. She feeds the child breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks. Ms. M opts to use the Day Care Meal Standard instead of actual documented costs. Allow $4.36 per day ($1.27 for breakfast + $2.38 for lunch + $.71 for snack = $4.36). Only the cost of one snack may be allowed.


Implement the increased Day Care Meal Standard changes:

  • for applications processed on or after the date of this release; or
  • at the next SNAP REDE; or
  • when a case is reviewed

Manual Revisions

WAG 08-04-01-b

[signed copy on file]

Michelle R.B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services