Empowering People with Disabilities - DHS 8806

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.
Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Rehabilitation Services


DHS' Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) is the state's lead agency serving individuals with disabilities. DRS works in partnership with people with disabilities and their families to assist them in making informed choices to achieve full community participation through employment, education, and independent living opportunities.


Improving the independence of our customers is our only reason for existing. We realize that the skills and abilities of our front-line staff are the keys to our success. Embracing, listening to and collaborating with our community partners will sustain our success.

DRS will be a customer-driven organization, with all major decisions based on the needs of our customers. Our staff will be informed and valued, pursuing lifelong learning and striving to improve their professional skills.

We will create an environment where customers and staff work in partnership, where customers enjoy working with staff, and staff look forward to coming to work. Finally, we envision an agency where customers feel confident that their goals will be reached.


  • We value DRS as a workplace that promotes, supports, recognizes and invests in the importance of having a culturally diverse staff with skills and knowledge, to respectfully provide services of the highest quality to all of our customers.
  • We value equal participation in society by persons with disabilities.
  • We value situations in which the individual with a disability gets needed service.
  • We value an accessible environment.
  • We value being responsive to the needs and concerns of customers.
  • We value the right of all DRS customers to choose services that will enable them to work and live independently in their communities.
  • We value community integration and the customer's right to live in the least restrictive environment.
  • We value life-long learning for our staff and are committed to providing necessary training to improve their professional skills.
  • We value staff who are creative, well-trained, efficient and knowledgeable about disability, developing careers for customers and the use of assistive technology.

DHS 8806 (N-02-08) DRS Marketing Mission/Value

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