Empowering People with Disabilities - DHS 8804

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Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Rehabilitation Services

Margaret Neil

Advocate, Organizer and Consultant

Margaret was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1978. The disease limits the use of her limbs and she uses a wheelchair for mobility. She receives services from the IDHS/DRS Home Services Program and her personal assistant helps her with her meals and other household needs. Despite her physical limitations, Margaret's goal is to be as independent as possible. Margaret views her disability as "a blessing" and says it created an opportunity for her to "do something right in life". Margaret is an energetic and dynamic force in her community. She is well-known in Champaign and across the country as a public housing organizer. She has successfully received grants for low income housing programs and has created job clubs and other programs to help residents develop skills and connect with resources to become self-supporting.

For information on how to hire an individual

with a disability through IDHS/DRS, please call 217-782-2280 (V/TTY).

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