The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) provides training to the staff of DHS facilities, community agencies, and other state agencies and entities.

Training sessions for the following courses are offered at various sites throughout the year. To view a schedule of training browse the Events on the OIG Providers page.

NOTE:  If, for any reason (weather, sickness, etc.), the class must be cancelled, a voice message will be left at (217) 786-0165 announcing the cancellation. This announcement will be posted no later than 10:00pm the night before the session. It is the enrollee's responsibility to check the voice recording.


Rule 50

  • Training sessions provide information on the overall content and interpretation of Rule 50, as adopted on March 25, 2010. Rule 50 training sessions are open to staff of any community agency or department facility.
  • Rule 50 training topics include:
    • identification of abuse and neglect,
    • who is covered by the Rule,
    • reporting requirements,
    • first response expectations,
    • findings and appeals, and
    • the process used for reporting substantiated abuse and neglect to the Health Care Worker Registry.

Basic Investigative Skills

  • This training is required for those persons who seek to be authorized by OIG to conduct investigations at their work site. The training provides a review of definitions and information on investigative planning, incident assessment, conducting interviews, taking statements, scene preservation, evidence collection, injury assessment and writing an investigative report. This is an interactive training opportunity giving participants practice and feedback.
  • Registrants must have completed OIG-conducted Rule 50 training within two years of attending Basic Investigative Skills.  Registrants must also receive prior approval from the agency or facility OIG liaison and from OIG before registering, as OIG has other specific limitations on who may attend.

Investigative Skills Refresher

  • This class is geared to refresh training on Rule 50 and Basic Investigative Skills  for agency and facility staff designated as investigators by their authorized representatives.
  • This one-day class is a recap of the investigative components of Rule 50, investigative best practices, interviewing skills, statement taking, and report writing. 
  • Participants must have taken Basic Investigative Skills or Investigative Skills Refresher within two years of attending this class.