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Facts You Should Know about Methamphetamines (METH)

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Methamphetamines (MA) are synthetic amphetamines or stimulants that are produced and sold illegally. MA is a crystal-like powder substance often made in clandestine laboratories from relatively inexpensive over-the-counter ingredients. This drug strongly activates certain systems in the brain.

Slang Terms:

  • Meth
  • Crank
  • Glass 
  • Crystal
  • Fire 
  • Ice
  • Crypto 
  • Speed
  • White cross 
  • Chalk

Methods of Intake:

  •  Smoked Swallowed
  •  Snorted Injected


Immediately after smoking or injecting MA, the user experiences a sensation of extreme pleasure called a "rush" that can last as long as 20 minutes. The rush is followed by changes in thought wherein the user feels powerful, clever, smart, and funny. These feelings can last between 18 and 24 hours. The abuser maintains the high by injecting or smoking more MA trying to recapture the initial rush. Each time the abuser smokes or injects more of the drug a smaller euphoric rush occurs until finally there is no rush and no high. This may go on for a few days to a couple of weeks. If MA is swallowed or snorted, the user does not experience the rush.


Tweaking occurs at the end of the high when nothing the users do will take away their feelings of discomfort. MA triggers a number of unpleasant effects. Prolonged use is often associated with violent and anti-social behavior. MA users may have psychological symptoms such as delusions of insects under their skin. In an effort to remove the imagined insects, the users scratch their skin obsessively. Often, the users thoughts become quite paranoid. Some users are unable to pay attention to any one thing while others become obsessed with a single thought, like taking apart a clock for 10 hours at a stretch. This tweaking period concludes when the users cannot stay up any longer, and they crash entering a deep sleep for 1 to 3 days.

Side Effects:

  •  Impaired speech 
  •  Aggression  
  •  Hallucinations 
  •  Increased heart rate
  •  Acne or sores 
  • Memory loss
  •  Violence
  •  Irritability
  •  Paranoia 
  • Insomnia
  •  Psychotic behavior
  •  Loss of appetite
  •  Nervousness
  •  Anxiety 

Withdrawal Symptoms:

 Insomnia Depression

 Mental Confusion Restlessness


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