How To Get Involved

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Rescue and Restore Victims of Human TraffickingEvery person or institution can offer unique value to Illinois Rescue and Restore. The following suggestions can get you started. If you have any more ideas or questions, please email them to

Join the Campaign

We urge organizations and individuals to Join the Coalition.  By joining the coalition you will receive updates on upcoming events, trainings, current anti-trafficking efforts in Illinois, and other opportunities through which you can gain tools and strategies to effectively respond to human trafficking.

Outreach Day

In an effort to increase public awareness, The Illinois Rescue and Restore Campaign organizes an Outreach Day in the spring every year. Your help in raising awareness can go a long way in rescuing victims of human trafficking.  Next year's event will be our 6th Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Outreach Day.  Contact us to help us start planning for this event!

Form Your Own Local Action Team

You can partner with Illinois Rescue and Restore to mobilize your community and generate a local response to human trafficking. Your Action Team can meet on a regular basis to work with your local law enforcement and community agencies to develop anti-trafficking strategies in your community.  Illinois Rescue and Restore can provide technical assistance and outreach materials to assist your team. We can also provide you with links to other organizations, trainings, and local anti-trafficking events.

Attend Anti-Trafficking Trainings

Illinois Rescue and Restore and other Coalition members sponsor trainings and other events across the state that you can attend. First responders, law enforcement, social service organizations, medical staff, and others can come to learn more about the issue of trafficking and strategies to respond effectively. Please contact us at for more information on upcoming trainings in your area.

Distribute Outreach Materials

Posters advertising the 24 Hour National Hotline and encouraging people to "Look Beneath the Surface" to identify victims are available to you.  These posters provide a valuable outreach mechanism to potential victims and those that may come into contact with victims.  They can be hung in health clinics, libraries, social service agencies, jails, truck stops, community centers, churches, etc. 

Brochures are also available for health professionals, law enforcement, and social service providers for more information on how to identify victims that may be the people you serve everyday. 

Pocket Cards with a list of questions and identifiers to help you determine if you have encountered a victim are also available to you.  Small, business card-sized materials designed for law enforcement are available for police officers to keep this information with them at all times.  Larger index card-sized materials are available to service providers or the general public to have this valuable information with them at all times. 

You may view posters and brochures online and order them in any quantity and emailing us at  Posters and brochures are available in English, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, and Russian.  Pocket cards are available in Spanish and English.

A wide array of other outreach materials are available, including matchbooks, coin purses, bookmarks, prayer cards, and magnets for distribution to potential victims of human trafficking, and to those who might serve victims of human trafficking.

Offer Pro-bono Services

Victims are in need of legal, medical, and counseling services.  Please email if you are interested in providing any of these services.

Become a USCCB Contractor

The US Department of Health and Human Services has awarded a grant to the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops to provide contractual reimbursement to community agencies that provide services to human trafficking victims.  For information on applying for a USCCB contract, visit this website for an overview of the USCCB per capita services program: Services for Survivors.

Provide Bus Signs, Billboards, and Posters in Public Places

Advertisements in public places like train stations, airports, buses, libraries, reststops, gas stations, and highways will ensure that the National Hotline information is reaching potential victims. If you are interested in providing these services, contact

Mailing List

You may also join our mailing list for weekly updates on human trafficking issues. Please contact us at