Release Upon Request (RUR)

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

What is the purpose of this service?

The Release upon Request (RUR) is a small but significant program that is operated in Cook County only.

It provides services to youth (13-17) who have been released by the court after a detention hearing with a court order that the youth be released to his/her parent, guardian, or custodian but who remain in detention because no one has appeared to take responsibility for the youth within 24 hours of his/her release.

Who can receive these services?

Youth (13-17) who have been released from a detention center or a jail to return home to their family and still remain in the detention center or jail because a parent or legal guardian has not picked them up.

What services are offered?

  • Help with a crisis
  • Bringing families together
  • Counseling for youth and family
  • Finding youth a place to stay

How to apply?

Release Upon Request (RUR) is only offered in cook County.

Contact a Release Upon Request (RUR) Provider if you live in Cook County and are:

  • The Youth,
  • The Youth's Parents or Guardian,
  • Court Staff,
  • Probation Staff,
  • The Judge

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