What is the purpose of this service?

The purpose of the Homeless Youth program is to provide services that help homeless youth transition to independent living and become self-sufficient. The program strives to meet the immediate survival needs (food, clothing, and shelter) of youth and assist them in becoming self-sufficient.

Who can receive these services?

The Homeless Youth program serves those youth who are 20 years of age or younger who cannot return home and lack the housing and skills necessary to live independently. 

How are these services provided?

The Homeless Youth program is administered by community-based agencies. This program is available in six Illinois counties and the city of Chicago.

What services are offered?

The Homeless Youth program provides several types of important services for homeless youth.

They include:

  • Emergency Shelter - Either through placement in a shelter, group home or by purchasing lodging, youth receive a safe, clean, dry place to sleep.
  • Transitional Services - These services focus on developing skills necessary to support oneself, including education, employment services and subsidized housing.
  • Drop-in center/outreach - These services seek to find homeless youth and assess their needs. Program staff may attempt to reunite them with family or refer them to transitional services.
  • Services for singles - Singles programs serve youth who do not have children.

How to apply?

Please call the Futures for Kids Help Me Grow Hotline at 1-800-323-GROW.

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