Mental Health

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Every individual who suffers from a mental condition has different circumstances that will require a unique set of services/level of care to address their specific needs.

The Division of Mental Health (DMH) provides a wide variety of services at all levels for adults and children throughout the state. These services are offered through hundreds of DMH partners called "Providers" (i.e. mental health clinics, agencies and hospitals). Providers serve as 'front doors' to enter the publicly funded system of mental health care.

Crisis Now

Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

If you or someone you are concerned about are in a crisis state and at risk of harm to yourself, others, or property,


at risk of psychiatric hospitalization, you may exercise either of the following three options:

  • Call 911 

    (Police and fire department personnel are trained responders to situations involving mental health issues.)

  • Go to the Emergency room at a local area hospital.
  • Contact the nearest provider of crisis psychiatric services.

Non-Emergency Mental Health Services

Types of Mental Health Treatment

Types of Mental Health Treatment - A range of Mental Health Services are available depending upon your needs. Highly trained and qualified clinicians can then help you through the assessment process to determine your needs and possible care options.


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