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To encourage programs that help to meet the needs of populations such as the disadvantaged, the young, the elderly, minorities, and people with disabilities.

The Westinghouse Electric Company Charitable Giving Program makes charitable contributions to non-profit organizations throughout the United States in communities where Westinghouse has a presence.

Areas of Interest:

Education - emphasis is given to elementary, secondary, and high school educational programs that emphasize math and science, although consideration will be given to other relevant, non-fine arts programs.

Civic and Social Pursuits - supports programs encouraging community economic

development, environmental quality and preservation, and public safety.


501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.


The following types of organizations/activities are specifically excluded from support: individuals; political contributions; religious organizations; highly specialized health, medical or welfare programs; fine arts organizations/programs; organizations that discriminate by race, color, creed, gender or national origin; hospitals; colleges, universities and two-year institutions; capital improvement or building projects; medical education; chairs or professorships; liberal arts, fine arts or similar educational programs; graduate education; general endowment; educational research programs, regardless of academic discipline; equipment purchases at universities; tickets; membership; United Way-affiliated agencies.

Grant Award:

$5,000 and under.


Requests for funding are accepted year round; awards are made on a quarterly basis.

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