Centralized Repository Vault (CRV)

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Participation Requirements

Registration Process

To register for the CRV, please follow the steps, in order, outlined below:

  1. Obtain an Illinois.gov ID - This is a simple process using basic contact information and your Illinois driver's license.

    Important: Please answer all questions exactly as printed on your State of Illinois issued license.

    Obtain your Illinois.gov ID from State of Illinois CMS Identity Management System. The ID that results from this process should be in the format of "firstname.lastname".

  2. Register - Complete the one-page CRV Registration (pdf) form and submit it online. The Illinois.gov ID that you just obtained is required to complete the registration form, along with your organization's FEIN and DUNS numbers (enter the nine digits without dashes for both numbers).
  3. Approval - Once registration has been submitted online, it can be approved. Upon approval, your information should be in the CRV database, and you should be able to download your contract(s) from the CSA system.

Registration Questions

For questions regarding the CRV registration process, please contact CRV Support at DHS.CRV.Support@illinois.gov.

Provider Portal Partners: Illinois Department on Aging, Department of Children and Family Services, Department of Heatlhcare and Family Services, Department of Human Services and Department of Public