CCMS Communicator - December 14, 2012

News from the CCMS Project Team

The CCMS will not be implemented in January 2013. We anticipate a June/July implementation timeframe.

This week the CCMS Project Team returned from a 7-week project pause. The Team needs to update the overall project plan to identify a new implementation date. We will share this new date with you within the next 2-3 weeks.

MIS used this break to concentrate on Data Readiness and to finalize the CCTS data conversation project plan. We have included a list of upcoming readiness workshops. Notices will be sent as the dates are confirmed. Meanwhile, BCCD continued to focus on Organization and User Readiness.

Organizational and User Readiness - Providing readiness support.

Now is the best time to pro-actively prepare for implementation. Communication, training, and preparation are vital elements of any successful implementation plan. Communication is perhaps the most useful of these elements.

In the beginning of this project, the CCMS Project Team established an e-mail account to easily facilitate two-way communication. Discussion among end users is always encouraged. However, it is important that we hear from end users about each phase of this project. Agency POCs are urged to collect and e-mail comments or questions to us.

Agency Readiness Checklist:

  • Confirm that your staff is well versed in current CCAP policies and procedures.
  • Identify upcoming process changes and impact on employees' day-to-day environment.
  • Ensure staff participation in Readiness Workshops, web-based training, and classes.
  • Gather staff feedback after each project phase and review actions taken as a result of feedback.
  • Develop and institute security policies and training for all staff.
  • Monitor staff password issuance and reset requests.
  • Set up scanners and computers on CCMS Workstations.
  • Obtain PKI certificates for all CCMS users.
  • Implement an internal problem resolution process.
  • Share contact updates with BCCD.

CCAP Help Desk

Beginning January 1, 2013, the CCMS Help Desk will begin utilizing the CCAP Problem Escalation Procedures. We will only accept problems or requests from one person (or alternate) per agency. CCAP staff will submit responses from individual staff requests for new or reset passwords; duplicate certificates, and CCTS problems to agency experts only. The agency expert will need to discuss the Passwords Guidelines with staff and instruct them on how to complete their password request.

CCAP Help Desk staffer, Rick Lloyd, has announced that he will be retiring on December 31, 2012. We appreciate all of Rick's hard work and dedication and wish him well.

CCMS Training

Hopefully, each CCMS user has taken the Net Learning courses, reviewed the on-line training materials, and participated in on-site training classes. The CCMS Training Team is always looking for ways to improve the quality of training. We are developing a second TTT class. Each TTT has been asked to complete a training survey. Responses from this survey will let us know how we're doing, and how we can better meet your training needs in the future.

The following chart provides a list of completed or pending CCMS Readiness Workshop Webinars. If you would like copies of slide shows, or would like to have a particular workshop repeated, let us know. Also, if you would like a workshop on any specific topic not listed, let us know.

Topic Date Completed
Security Administration October 2011
General Functionality December 2011
Training Readiness January 2012
Security for Agency Directors February 2012
CCAP Policies Updates March 2012
Security and Passwords September 2012
Organizational Routing January 2013
Parking Lot Questions January 2013
Supervisory Functionality and Business Process Change February 2013
Scanning & Document Management February 2013
System Review (includes enhancements) March 2013
TTT Workshop (Part 2) March 2013
Non-CCMS Site Administered Provider Readiness April 2013
Readiness for Pilot (pilot locations only) June 2013
Go-Live Preparation June 2013
Facilities Readiness & Cut-over Weekend June 2013

Message from BCCD Contracts/Payment Staff

The DHS Debit Card Unit is currently finishing the processing of debit card applications they received up to 8/30/12. It is currently taking twelve weeks or more to process the applications for debit card. Providers will be paid a paper check until the debit card is received and activated by the provider. If a provider has properly completed a debit card application, included a copy of their driver's license or state ID card, and it was mailed to the DHS Debit Card Unit after September 1, 2012, they should not complete another application.

Please alert your staff of the processing time, and ask providers to be patient until their original application is completed. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Is the equipment I received still applicable for the CCMS?

Answer #1: Yes. Please ensure that the computer and scanner are connected, and your workstation is ready.

Question #2: Should we continue with our scheduled training classes?

Answer #2: Yes. Training is a great way to keep staff engaged in CCMS, but keep in mind that the system will continue to evolve as enhancements are completed. Also the training environment will be updated as each enhancement is tested, so it may not always act the same.

Let your staff know that the system is still a work in progress, and more changes and training are down the road.

Division of Family & Community Services, Office of Early Childhood

Editors: CCAP Training, Program Support and Operations

Please e-mail comments or questions to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov