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Fetal & Infant Mortality Review

The Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) project is a joint effort of local, state, and national organizations to improve the health and well being of mothers and infants and to reduce the number of infant deaths. We would like your help.

To better understand aspects of pregnancy and infant health, we would like to interview you and your family about the loss of your infant.

Infant Loss

The pain of infant loss takes a toll on parents, family members, and friends. While we know some of the causes of infant deaths, we would like to learn more about non-medical issues which might contribute to losses.

Often, the causes of infant deaths are unknown and occur when parents and health care providers have done all the right things. Through interviews, the FIMR project will try to learn the answers to the following questions:

  • What causes an infant death?
  • What leads to very low birth weight or illness in babies?
  • Can anything be done to make a difference?

Your Help is Needed

If you consent to be a part of the FIMR project, a public health nurse will call or visit you in a few days. The nurse will interview you for about one hour in the privacy of your home. Information from your interview will be used to better understand mothers' and infants' needs so that programs can be developed to meet those needs.

Questions you may be asked during the interview include:

  • Are there enough medical services and providers for mothers and babies?
  • How can medical care be improved?
  • What affects a pregnant woman's and her baby's health in the home/work environment?
  • Are there barriers in your community that prevent women and infants from receiving appropriate care?

Your participation will help improve health care and other community services in your local area.

Any information you provide during the interview will be used only for the purpose of this study. Your participation is voluntary.

If you have any questions, call:
FIMR Coordinator
University of Chicago
Perinatal Center

For Additional Information

If you would like additional information about the Fetal and Infant Mortality Review project, please call:

FIMR Coordinator
University of Chicago
Perinatal Center

Program Sponsors

The Fetal Infant and Mortality Review (FIMR) project is a collaborative project sponsored by:

  • Chicago Department of Public Health
  • Illinois Department of Human Services

For more information

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