Web Accessibility 101

Making the Web Work for People with Disabilities


Web Accessibility 101

What is accessibility?

Accommodating People with Disabilities

Compatibility with Assistive Technologies

Why is accessibility important?

Your Users

The Law

How do we make web sites accessible?

Accessibility Standards

Common Principles

ARIA Authoring Practices

How do we test if a web site is accessible?

Accessibility Testing

Automated Testing

Know the limitations of automatic testing:

Quick Tests

Quick Test: Code
  1. Disable Styles (CSS)
  2. Check that:
    • Section headings are large & bold
    • Lists have bullets or numbers
    • Order is correct
Quick Test: Colors
  1. Turn on "High Contrast"
  2. Check that:
    • Most text changes color
    • No important information is lost
  3. Use the Colour Contrast Analyzer
Quick Test: Alt Text
  1. Inspect or Disable Images
  2. Check that:
    • images of words show the same words
    • image links identify their destination
    • decorative images don't have alt text
Quick Test: Labels
  1. Click on each form field label
  2. Check that:
    • focus moves to the field
    • OR the field has a tooltip that serves as a label
Quick Test: Keyboard Operation
  1. "Tab" through links, form fields, custom controls
  2. Check that:
    • All interface elements receive focus
    • Tab order is logical
    • Link text is understandable
    • Custom controls are operable

Testing with Assistive Technology