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Performance Appraisal Discomfort Scale (PADS)

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1) Telling an employee who is also a friend that he or she must stop coming to work late.

2) Telling an employee that his or her work is only satisfactory, when you know that he or she expects an above-satisfactory rating.

3) Talking to an employee about his or her performance on the job.

4) Conducting a formal performance appraisal interview with an ineffective employee.

5) Asking an employee if he or she has any comments about your rating of his or her performance.

6) Telling an employee who has problems in dealing with other employees that he or she should do something about it (e.g., take a course, read a book).

7) Telling a male subordinate that his performance must improve.

8) Responding to an employee who is upset over your rating of his or her performance.

9) Having to terminate someone for poor performance.

10) Letting an employee give his or her point of view regarding a problem with performance.

11) Giving a satisfactory rating to an employee who has done a satisfactory (but not exceptional) job.

12) Letting a subordinate talk during an appraisal interview.

13) Being challenged to justify an evaluation in the middle of an appraisal interview.

14) Being accused of playing favorites in the rating of your staff.

15) Recommending that an employee be discharge.

16) Telling an employee that his or her performance can be improved.

17) Telling an employee that you will not tolerate his or her taking extended coffee breaks.

18) What is your Gender?

19) To which racial/ethnic group do you belong?

20) What is your current age in years?

21) What is your highest degree obtained?

22) How many years of related experience do you have in the field?

23) How long have you served in your current position?

24) How many staff do you supervise?

25) How often do you complete performance appraisals on staff?

26) My agency utilizes performance appraisal system to:

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